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Vendor Art Lighting is a premium Santorini-based lighting design company. We provide a big variety of services to fit any need that is important to you. Whether it’s your wedding day, your birthday party, the day you wish to hear 'I do!", or any other special day for you, we understand that your big day only comes once and everything has to be perfect. This is why we pay extra attention to every little detail that makes all the difference. At Vendor Art Lighting we believe that proper lighting is essential. In the right person’s hands, light can convert any ordinary room into a bright oasis of colour and liveliness. When you control the lights at your event, you control the atmosphere. So, contact us today and let us make your special day even brighter!


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You imagine, we design, your guests experience. Lighting has the unique ability to transform places, spaces and experiences. Have a look at our work and discover what here, in Vendor Art Lighting, we call our magic world!

We use high quality


Good lighting setup can be the difference between a good event and a great event, providing a slick, modern addition to any party or celebration. At Vendor Art Lighting we make sure before every event that our equipment is in excellent condition, in order to offer you impeccable quality of service. Also, we always work with respect to the place where you have your event, setting up and collecting with great care, without ever creating damage to the venue.


Our Extra Services

Vendor Art lighting is a lighting design company, but we know that you might also need some extra things to make your special day even better. Either it is a TV screen to show something important to your guests, sound equipment for a party to remember, or even live streaming in order to share your special day with your family and friends that are far away, we have the solution! You might even find something that you have never thought about. Just check us out!

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plan your wedding in santorini

Santorini is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. The romantic caldera view, the picturesque little streets with the blue domes and the bougainvilleas -the ideal fondue for your wedding photos!- but also the fact that, according to a research, Santorini is one of the destinations that most people want to visit once in their lives, makes this small island the ideal choice for your destination wedding! And if organizing a wedding from far away seems difficult and stressful, we are here to help you!

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When planning an event, the right communication between client and vendor can make everything easier. This is why we are always a phone call or an e-mail message away, and none of our clients’ questions will go unanswered. This is our promise to you! 

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