Meet the founder

Nikos Moisidis is the founder and lead designer of Vendor Art Lighting. He has been involved in the lighting industry ever since his childhood, when, as a young boy, he used to help his father in their family business with lighting equipment. "I remember that in the afternoons and weekends, when my friends would arrange to go out and play, I would prefer to stay at my father’s shop and dive into the world that you can create by playing with light" Nikos says. And that's what he did. He learned more and more every day, discovering new ways to make the area around him more beautiful, more special, more bright! His big experience in creating beautiful events, either independently or through collaborations with other companies, made him a master of creating astonishing event lighting and providing each customer with a jaw-dropping experience. Setting up his own lighting company was expected. But he considers himself lucky, to have found a way to combine the knowledge that he has gathered over the years with the fresh look that each new project gives you. Because at Vendor Art Lighting each event is treated as a new opportunity to create magic!