Fairy Lights

Fairy lights have lately been the most popular choice when we talk about wedding lighting. The reason is that they create a romantic, dreamy atmosphere that suits both weddings that take place outdoors, as well as internal ones. When you are outside, fairy lights give the impression of a sky full of stars. Who wouldn’t like to have dinner or dance under a million stars? In an internal area, fairy lights create the atmosphere of thousand lit candles. Can you imagine anything more romantic for your wedding day? Fairy lights are undoubtedly the most beautiful choice for your special day, and at Vendor Art Lighting this is what we specialize in!

Curtain Lights

"Curtains" are a very impressive alternative for those who like the romantic ambiance created by fairy lights, but prefer to illuminate a wall or any straight surface instead of the area above. They can be the ideal background for your top table or even a different bright "gate" for your guests to pass by when entering your venue!

Rain Lights

“Rain” lights will decorate your venue exactly with what their name say, a dreamy rain of light! Imagine having drops of lights in different heights coming down from your ceiling and creating a magical frame for your pictures!


Uplighting is no doubt the single most visually powerful lighting technique available. But it is our unique combination of lighting expertise and lighting control that truly brings it all together. Want to add a bit of colour to your wedding venue or take your wedding to the next level? Ask us how other weddings have used uplighting to make their wedding day even more special!

Par Lights

Par lights will give your venue some extra light that will create a more vibrant mood, without losing from the dreamy atmosphere that you want for you and your guests.

Party Lights

When it comes to a party, lighting can be as important as music. Imagine trying to dance with too much bright light, or with the total absence of it. The proper lighting will make your guests desire to get on the dance floor and never go back to their seats!

Wash Lights

Wash lighting is an important step towards enhancing the overall appearance and mood of your event. Through careful planning and design, we are able to transform your space into a unique and flattering environment.p towards


Either it is a TV screen to show something important to your guests, sound equipment for a party to remember, or even live streaming in order to share your special day with your family and friends that are far away, we have the solution! You might even find something that you have never thought about. Just check us out!

Outdoor Lighting

Add colour and vibrancy to any outdoor environment. With our cutting edge technology we can take your blank slate and use it to create elegant and breathtaking lighting effects.

Truss-in Truss Lighting

A truss is the safest choice when using lighting equipment. At Vendor Art Lighting though, due to the fact that we decorate our trusses with luxurious white fabrics and illuminate them with the colour of your preference, they finally become a beautiful part of the decoration!