Whether you’re planning your wedding, a birthday party or hosting a business conference, if you require a hired TV screen and Soundbar, then you have come to the right place. Our beautiful 50” 4K Ultra HD TV screen, in a unique white colour -ideal for your wedding-, placed on a white base and with a white Soundbar for the best quality of sound, is the ideal solution to suit any occasion. Perfect for screening the pictures of your lifetime together, a fun best man’s speech video or highlighting the day’s activities. Our TV and Soundbar hire service includes delivery and setup, along with an experienced member of our team that will be there in order to certify that your video will play in the highest quality.


If you’re looking to add a touch of extra class to your wedding, these giant illuminated LOVE letters are just the perfect choice! Among the fact that they create a beautiful atmosphere, they will be a fabulous photo opportunity for you and your guests. At Vendor Art Lighting we use completely safe, warm white LED bulbs, which are dimmable, so you can choose exactly how bright you want them to be. This is very important for your pictures, as many times photographers find it difficult to create the ideal atmosphere when there is too much light, or the complete absence of it. Either it is your wedding day, anniversary, vow renewal or wedding proposal, it will be one of the happiest days of your life. So why not make it even more unforgettable and highlight the bond between the happy couple with these stunning LOVE letters?


Weddings are special occasions where every couple wants to create a unique atmosphere that showcases their love and affection for each other. The most common symbol used in weddings is a heart. That's why we thought of making for you two beautiful wooden hearts: a white heart with red neon light, and a red heart with warm white fairy lights. Both of our hearts stand out wherever you place them, decorating your wedding venue in a warm, yet stylish way. Although their initial use was only decorative, it was extra fun for us when we found out that our customers used our hearts as a beautiful backdrop for their photos! So, feel free to take your pictures next to them and create happy memories that will last forever!


Gobo projection is a simple yet amazing way to personalize a venue for your wedding or any type of event. Just imagine having a wall or even your dancefloor covered with your initials, your wedding date or a phrase that means something to you. It is like a wallpaper covering your venue made only for you! You have a baptism? We can display the name of the baptised boy or girl, or just a symbol that represents the theme of the event. Birthday party? Imagine a giant birthday cake projecting on the wall right at the moment that the cake arrives! Even if you are just throwing a party and you want it to be a night to remember, our projection solutions can allow you to make a great impression and set your event apart from the rest. Logo projection is also excellent for corporate functions, as you can showcase your business’s logo in bright lights to make it stand out.


Have you ever imagined dancing on a cloud? Or perhaps impressing your guests as they enter your venue? Our fog machine allows you to create stunning low laying clouds in seconds! The most common use for our dry ice machine is during the first dance at a wedding, where the bride and groom dance on a cloud, creating an amazing effect for your first dance pictures, especially when it is combined with lights of your favourite colour. The dry ice fog machine is totally odourless and non-toxic, it will not make your dancefloor slippery or stain your clothes and it will evaporate into the air after dissipation. Also, it will not set a smoke alarm off or rise above knee height for more than a few seconds, making it ideal for any internal venue, which is why event venues with the strictest of regulations will accept a dry ice machine.


Disco balls are the latest new wedding décor trend and we absolutely love them! Let us bring some cool glamour to your wedding by using a disco ball. It’s completely up to you how you will incorporate it to your venue. Will you play up your mirror ball with vibrant colours and lots of attitude, or will it be elegant and romantic? Are you going boho chic, classic fairytale, or trendy and edgy? You can even do groovy ’70s bell bottom-themed if you like! Add a little Studio 54 chic to your day with our amazing disco ball!


No good party is complete without great music. That’s why our audio equipment is the best way to guarantee your celebration will be a night to remember! We offer a wide array of PA hire equipment options including speakers, subwoofers and microphones, so even if you have booked a DJ for your event and you need some extra equipment to make sure people are up and dancing, we’ve got you covered. Our collection is regularly tested and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, with delivery and setup and included. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a birthday party or a corporate event, Vendor Art Lighting is sure to bring the best sound to your event.


Whether your event is a wedding, exhibition, conference, seminar or meeting, we can provide you with short term laptop hire, either you use Windows or MacOS. Ask us for further information.


There’s a number of reasons why you might not be able to have everyone that you want present at your wedding. Personal reasons effected by the world health crisis in 2020, or physical barriers such as living in another country, no longer means these people can’t celebrate with you! Live-streaming offers a unique way for your family and friends to attend your wedding day from anywhere in the world. We are able to live-stream your wedding ceremony, speeches or as much of your party as you want, either privately or publicly, to those you love, in real time, as it happens. The video is streamed live, which means we can stream from pretty much any location, whether that’s a church, a hotel, or a venue. We typically start the live stream about ten minutes before the event begins and it’s available to watch again immediately after streaming finishes. At the end you will get a copy of the video to keep as a memory or to share with your family and friends.